Three Heart Balancing: A New Method for Healing

3 Heart Balancing

Three Heart Balancing Illustration by Jaentra Green Gardener

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“We humans are evolving, changing with a changing world. Healing is more important than ever.”

Jaentra Green Gardener

Diagnosed with MS in 1977, Jaentra Green Gardener committed herself to explore every and any healing modality so the disease would not claim her life.

After years of healing, massage and bodywork of all kinds, achiropractic and psychotherapy, Jaentra realized she had control over her body and its movement after winning local ballroom dance competitions in 1992. She was healed from MS.

A great victory to be sure, but it had taken so long and consumed so much of her time and resources that Jaentra began experimenting, seeking a way to make change, transformation and healing faster.

She learned of the Hawaiian phrase “Ho’opono pono” which translates into “God is Rhythm”.

In collaboration with a group of dedicated colleagues and clients, she devised a method that puts all the body’s rhythms, breathing, heartbeat, cranial-sacral, peristaltic, muscular sensations, emotions, and sexual expressions into sync with the rhythm of the Universe.

A new method of healing was born. This new healing produced the effect of energetically opening the pelvic bowl, enabling life-giving vitality to flow through one’s entire body.

Over the next few years this process was fine-tuned into what today we call Three Heart BalancingTM. The three hearts being the Spirit Heart, Balance Heart, and Will Heart.

The Spirit Heart is located above the neck, centered in the middle of the forehead. It includes the throat, third eye, and crown of the head. It contains male energy, yang, light, visions, prophecy, and enlightenment.

The Balance Heart is in the upper torso centered on the physical heart in the body. It contains the throat, the heart, and the solar plexus. It focuses on balance, love, and the integration of male and female.

The Will Heart is in the lower torso centered in the core of the body just below the navel. It includes the solar plexus, sacrum and the root or pelvic floor. It is the center for sexuality, money, the emotional archive, ego, and is directly connected to our survival.

When the rhythms of the body are synchronized with the Universe, the inner healer we call the Wave is activated. When the Wave awakens, our bodies expand and contract to interplay with the environment.

The relationship of our body to the environment becomes orderly, aligning with the physical forces identified by science to foster healing.

These forces include gravity, the strong force, the weak force, liquid fields, the electromagnetic field, the tonal resonance field, the morphogenetic resonance field, and the reciprocal dynamic articulation field.

When we are healing others, the Wave moves throughout the body, awakening memories the body needs to release by bringing our rhythms into harmony with one another and the physical energy forces, driving out damage and disease.

The Wave is an energy that connects our body with the earth and moon within the presence of the Universal/Divine Source.

It moves in the shape of the infinity symbol, passing through the navel down the back of the legs, out the feet and around the earth, then reentering the body through the navel and up the back, out the head and around the moon, returning to the body through the navel in a continuous loop of healing energy.

Everyone on the planet has the Wave and Three Heart BalancingTM always connects with another’s Wave through a partnership.

When we are healing another we are not “doing it”. Rather the healing occurs because we are engaged in this partnership which includes the client who is asking for healing, ourselves, the Universal/Divine Source, the family and friends of the client, the others in their medical/healing treatment team, the animals, tree spirits, bugs, angels, planets, stars and all life forms.

When two people explore healing the result is expansion into love, health, memories, and new body sensations. The healing expands life through gratitude, empowerment, love and connection moving the body toward health.

When a person is suffering with pain from injury, illness, or disease, we describe these debilitating patterns in the body as “twisted energies”. Three Heart BalancingTM helps to release these patterns, allowing the body and its energies to untwist and straighten out.

At some point in our evolution, all the twisted energies straighten out. Then we experience emotions through a positive spin that we call the dance of life. In this dance we can experience many dimensions of reality simultaneously.

We believe:

– Healing is rich, exciting, joyful and empowering.

– We can all learn, and learning healing changes us for the better.

– The healer, within the partnership relationship, creates a loving presence so the body can heal.

– Healing is a natural part of life and works regardless of the healer or clients’ beliefs.

The only way you can truly know about healing is to experience it through giving and receiving. Just like you cannot describe how water is wet and how it feels – you have to put your hand in the water to know it.

We have the power to make each other healthier if we simply learn where and how to place our hands. It is that simple.

Paul Sevett took his first class and became certified in three Heart BalancingTM in 1999. He continues his training and teaches classes in the technique.

Paul maintains a private practice in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he also uses Dance/Movement Therapy and Corebody Therapy to help his clients in their personal transformation journey.

Paul can be contacted at

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