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by Nicole Hendrick Donovan

When my son Patrick was born, my dearest friend, Linda, said something profound as she held him in her arms. “Isn’t it wonderful that God has loaned you this beautiful child?” She looked up and saw my confused expression. ”Roots and Wings, my love…roots and wings.”

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Garfinny Bridge

by Mary-Elizabeth Briscoe

It’s hard to believe that my sister Christine and I have been living in Dingle for nearly seven months already. Time is passing so quickly.

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The Missed Farewell

by Kristin Guay

If you are the parent of an older child let me ask you a question: when was the last time you picked up and carried your child?

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A Box of Fortune Cookies

by Saralee Perel

I was always uneasy around a disabled person until I became one myself.

The proper term is “differently abled” but “disabled” works for me because after all, who isn’t disabled in one way or another?

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At Home In Dingle

by Mary Elizabeth Briscoe

It’s a soft Kerry day here in Dingle, Ireland. In other words, it’s raining. The rain is different here than in the states.

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